Digital Experience Designer

Design & Thinking.
Exploration & Solution.
Ideation & Specification.

Every project is a puzzle to explore, a solution to discover. The process varies but discovery, interpretation, definition, ideation, modelling and experimentation are cornerstones.

UX Design | UI Design | Interaction Design | Product Design

User Experience design and User Interface design reflect the balance of my skills and interests. I concentrate on user-centred design and my approach is best encompassed by the term ‘design thinking’. With this as my centre point, my work and my solutions always have direction.

The web and its progeny (apps, IoT, games, and more) shape an ever-evolving field where skills and trends are in a constant state of flux. My curiosity and my attention to detail ensure that I keep advancing alongside them. I refine my focus and my goals to find my own path. Every project I have worked on informs my future work and makes my next project all the better for the experience. This is part of what makes me an excellent Digital Experience Designer.

Brands I’ve worked with

Skills & Competencies


My competencies have evolved from various branches of web design and are many varied: user experience design, user interface design, interaction design, information architecture, front end development, project management. I have experience crafting web and mobile apps, responsive web apps and sites, management and booking systems, educational tools and e-commerce systems.

Soft Skills

I employ skills such as storytelling, sketching, analysis, critical thinking, facilitation, presentation, critique, emotional intelligence. I have excellent communication skills and exacting insight.

Technical expertise

HTML, CSS and I are old friends; LESS and SASS are new besties; I’m well at home with JavaScript and many of its framework pals (Angular JS, jQuery, and many of the new kids); I like to push my pixels around in Photoshop and Sketch but with Illustrator in the wings for the heavy lifting; I regularly ask myself how did I ever work without Invision.

I hand code, I use frameworks and platforms (WordPress, Bootstrap and many others) demanding on the project requirements. In a supporting role, I sometimes get my hands dirty rearranging the furniture on ASP.NET, PHP, even JSP pages.  Sometimes I’m building prototypes with shiny new tech and other times I’m making backwards-compatible, accessible websites. The needs depend on the project requirements but best practices are forever.

And every now and then I go back to my roots and dabble in video editing.


I enjoy learning new skills, frameworks, techniques and languages. The web doesn’t stand still but I love to learn and I like to keep up.

Selected Work

  • Digital Badges

    Digital Badges strategy and resources for CIT


    Technology enhanced teaching and learning in micro-lesson format

  • Hertz Van Rental

    A booking portal exclusively for consumer van hire in Ireland

  • Hertz 4 Ryanair

    Hertz Ryanair partnership car rental booking portal for Europe

  • Red Ink

    An educational tool for marking multimedia assessments