Hertz Van Rental

A booking portal exclusively for consumer van hire in Ireland

About the Project

The Hertz Van Rental web app was streamlined for the needs and requirements of customers looking to hire vans. The design brief was for simplification and streamlining from the regular car rental platform with simpler terms and a reduction in the number of vehicles offered. The visuals are clean and simple and some steps have been removed from the process as they do not apply to van rental.

My role

I worked as a designer and front-end developer on this project, creating the design and working with the client, developer and the integrations team to get changes implemented so customers were not held up by confusion steps and information that simply do not apply to their rental. The project has been very successful since its launch.


I created rough, sketched wireframes for the home page and new processes as needed and then created high fidelity mockups of key pages for the client to sign off. The front-end build was based on an existing platform so HTML, CSS and JavaScript customisation was needed as well as some XML changes to get the API to return the results we wanted.