Hertz 4 Ryanair

Hertz Ryanair partnership car rental booking portal for Europe

About the project

Hertz were Ryanair’s preferred car rental partner throughout Europe up until Summer 2015. Hertz had a designated booking system for Ryanair customers which was linked directly from the Ryanair site and which communicated via XML with the Hertz API. I worked on this car rental booking system for several years, going through many iterations of the UI.

My role

I was responsible for user interface design with a focus on usability, and I wore many hats during my time working on the system. When the partnership ended, the system was coming to the end of a ground-up redesign of UI and user process flows following user research and prototyping of new interaction design. I worked alongside our in-house development team and with a large team in Hertz comprised of business analysts, project managers, developers, marketing team and more, as well as stakeholders from Hertz and Ryanair. Once the design phase was signed off for each feature or design, my role would switch to front-end development to build out the interfaces and work with the .NET developers to bring them to life in the system.


Through an iterative process which saw many features added and refined over time, I worked from briefs and user research data to distill the UI changes and made recommendations for improved user experience. Working with a multi-disciplinary team at Hertz and alongside our in-house developers, I created wireframes and prototypes and designed high fidelity user interfaces. During the build phases, I regularly did some project management to help keep things on track, in addition to my primary role as front-end designer/developer. The project was built using CSS, HTML and JavaScript on top of the .NET development platform and I worked closely with the .NET developers to ensure features were working smoothly.

Mockup Samples